Typography, terminology, and more


Designing the interior pages of a book, I work with typography to make a book look inviting to read. It involves placing the writer’s manuscript into Adobe InDesign page layout software to create a beautiful, accurate print-ready file in the desired size. There are many details involved, including glyph positioning for titles. Examples can be seen in the article “Glyph Positioning and Baseline Shift” by Ilene Strizver.

Book terminology

Are you working with a book designer and confused by all the lingo? Here’s a quick look at “The Anatomy of a Book” by Jenna Homen of Chronicle Books.

New website

During the holiday break, I overhauled my website (the coding I’ve learned to create e-books helped me tremendously). I’ve launched it, but as author Dr. Christiane Northrup says, “The minute you update your surroundings, your wardrobe, or even your computer [which I also did over the break…hello 27-inch iMac Pro!], something will need to be changed. Accept this process and embrace it as part of joyous, ongoing, never-complete self-expression.”

However, don’t let that be the reason you never release your book or other creative works!

Help for Independent Presses

Book Design and Production

Have you written a nonfiction or fiction manuscript? After it has been professionally edited, I can design the interior pages and cover, plus guide you through the maze of book publishing and printing. To get started, call me at 503-690-2438 to discuss your project and my helpful guide for authors.