Book Interior Designs

Book Interior Designs

Book interior design takes artistry, an eye for detail, and accuracy so the print-ready files are valid. Here are a few sample pages of books I’ve designed.


My interior design of Bamboo Farmer Wisdom: 101 Inspirational Thoughts by motivational speaker Greg Bell.


My book interior design of the young adult novel Bitsy’s Labyrinth by Mary Andonian.


Full-color interior of Cuisine for Whole Health: Recipes for a Sustainable Life by Pauli Halstead. This book was picked up by a traditional publishing house that told the author, “Self-published books don’t usually look this professional.”


Typeset index in General McPeak’s Below the Zone, the second book in his trilogy. I designed the covers, interior pages, and e-book files of all three books.


Domenico’s Table is the second of three novels I’ve designed for Teresa Neumann.


A collection of poetry, short stories, and quotes by G. Brian Benson in Finding Your Voice made it an interesting design project.


I designed the full-color interior of Fort Clatsop: Rebuilding an Icon through Ooligan Press at Portland State University, where I studied book design and production.


The interior design of General McPeak’s Hangar Flying includes airplane graphics, raised caps, table formatting for his logbooks, footnotes, and an index.


My interior design of Home Seller’s Blues and How to Beat Them by Joan Gale Frank.


Heavy formatting in Legal Secrets for Independent Filmmakers by Akua Boyenne, Attorney-at-Law. I also designed the cover using an image supplied by the author.


Post-Dated: The Schooling of an Irreverent Bonsai Monk by Michael Hagedorn won first place in the Publishers Association of the West Book Design Awards recognizing superior design and outstanding production quality.


My design of Primal Body—Primal Mind by Nora T. Gedgaudas, CNS, CNT, along with book sales figures, helped her secure a traditional publishing contract.


My interior page design of Revelle, a novel, by Alison Wiley reflects the genre.


I designed the full-color interior pages of Salt: Black America’s Silent Killer, which includes footnotes, lists, appendices, and graphics from various sources. I also designed the cover and Dr. Neravetla’s first book Salt Kills.


Sing Free Now! by vocal instructor Mark Bosnian is packed with information and design elements, including exercises, tips, illustrations, charts, subheads, bulleted lists, appendices, and more.


The two-color interior design of Slim, Sane, and Sexy by Jay H. Mead, MD, and Erin T. Lommen, ND, includes charts, tables, illustrations, quotations, appendices, and an index.


The Book Beyond Words: How the Soul Speaks is the first of three books I’ve designed for Paul Newham.


I designed the first and second editions of Breakfast in Bridgetown: The definitive guide to Portland’s favorite meal by Paul Gerald.


I designed the interior pages and e-book files of Surviving Natural Disasters and Man-Made Disasters published by Resolution Press.


Interior page design of The Harmony of Science and Soul: Finding Meaning in the Twenty-First-Century Workplace by business consultant Art Bobrowitz.


The Road Most Traveled published by Milner Crest Publishing, LLC is a collection of anecdotes, a handbook of how to act on tour, and a cautionary tale of what not to do if you want to sustain a life on the road.


I designed the interior pages and e-book files of The Roadmap: A Fable About Permanent Behavior Change by psychologists Jason B. Lassner and Anne Green.


Two-color interior design of Walking Bridges Using Poetry as a Compass: Poems about Bridges Real and Imagined by 70 Poets, with Directions for Five Self-Guided Explorations published by Urban Adventure Press.


I designed the interior and e-book files of The Wine Curmudgeon’s Guide to Cheap Wine by Jeff Siegel.