E-book Designs

E-book Designs

Here are a few samples of e-books designs I’ve created.


General McPeak’s Below the Zone includes tables, graphics, raised caps, quotations, and more. This is the third e-book I’ve created for him.


My e-book design of the young adult novel Bitsy’s Labyrinth by Mary Andonian.


I designed the e-book files, cover, and interior pages of The Captains’ Airline by Art Samson.


Notice the section break in this example. This is the second novel I designed for author and journalist Teresa Neumann.


E-book design of Encouraging Words for Kids by Kelly Bartlett shows that her website is an active link.


I heard from the publisher of Field Building by Catherine Marshall that my e-book design helped it win a gold 2012 eLit Award.


This was one of my first e-book designs back in 2010.


This example shows the linked Table of Contents in General McPeak’s Hangar Flying.


This example shows the linked Table of Contents and a map in the children’s book Adventures of Jack Sprout in Beaver Creek Meadow by Jack Shoop.


This e-book contains active links, color pictures (I replaced the black and white versions that were in the print book), captions, and other interesting design elements.


My e-book design of The Roadmap: A Fable About Permanent Behavior Change by psychologists Anne Green and Jason B. Lassner.


The display of some material in Mark Bosnian’s Sing Free Now! paperback needed to be rethought for effective digital presentation, which made it an especially interesting project.


My e-book design of Surviving Natural Disasters and Man-Made Disasters by Resolution Press.


I include code in my e-book designs so ellipses don’t break between lines.


I designed the e-book and interior files of The Wine Curmudgeon’s Guide to Cheap Wine by Jeff Siegel, which include illustrations by another graphic designer.