Book Cover Designs

Book Cover Designs

Here are a few samples of book covers I’ve designed.


Design for a hardcover 5 x 5 inch gift book. I also designed the interior pages.


Paperback cover design of Teresa Neumann’s debut novel plus I modified it for her e-book and designed the interior pages.


My cover design of Paul Gerald’s popular Portland, Oregon breakfast guidebook, second edition. I also worked on the first edition.


This is one example of the many non-fiction books I design.


Cookbook cover design plus I designed the color interior. This book was picked up by a traditional publishing house that told the author, “Self-published books don’t usually look this professional.”


I designed the cover and interior pages of this book that relates how important fathers are to their children.


Cover design for parent educator Kelly Bartlett’s e-book.


The first book in General McPeak’s trilogy. This is the cover design for the paperback book plus I designed the hardcover and leather-bound edition covers, interior pages, and e-books.


Where Light ShinesThis is the 15th e-book cover I’ve designed for the prolific author Maureen Driscoll. Where Light Shines is the third book in her Jasmine Cottage series set in the early Victorian era.


My cover design for presentation coach Dave Yewman’s first book. I also worked on his second book and a book by his wife Heidi Yewman.


This book won first place in the Publishers Association of the West Book Design Awards recognizing superior design and outstanding production quality. I co-created the cover and designed the interior.


I directed the photo shoot and designed the cover of Salt Kills. I also designed Dr. Neravetla’s second book Salt: Black America’s Silent Killer.


My cover design for an e-book published by IMG Publications.


The cover design of Dr. Neravetla’s second book involved finding this stock photo to convey the book’s message.


Cover design of Dr. Marshall’s revised and updated book.


E-book cover design for an excerpt of General McPeak’s first book Hangar Flying, which I also designed.