Who are you writing to?

What surrounds you when you write?

This is an interesting observation on writing from “The Marketing Minute,” a newsletter by Marcia Yudkin, Marketing Expert and Mentor:

Many marketers recommend a tool called personas for getting into the minds of customers. To create a persona, you construct a detailed profile of one customer that includes a name, family, work routine, hobbies, key frustrations, goals and more. Some experts suggest selecting a stock photo to represent the customer persona.

Robert Cialdini’s new book “Pre-Suasion” indicates that posting such pictures in your workspace may improve your ability to connect with customers.

Cialdini observed a marked difference in his writing style in two environments when he was writing his first book, aimed at a general audience. Pages he wrote in his campus office while surrounded by scholarly reference materials and looking out at professors, students and university buildings were more abstruse and academic than what he wrote in an off-campus apartment littered with newspapers and popular magazines, with a view of folks going about everyday lives.

Numerous studies corroborate this effect of surroundings, Cialdini says. For instance, radiologists who had a photo of the patient nearby while they reviewed his or her X-rays performed more conscientiously than those who didn’t.

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