Book title tip, sales tool, for fun

Book title tip

Can the promise of your book be worked into the book title or subtitle?

For example, in designing the interior pages of Save Yourself from Burnout I noticed the authors had a subtitle and tagline on the title page. I suggested combining ideas into “A System to Get Your Life Back” which is the promise and premise of the book. They liked it! We deleted the tagline to eliminate confusion. Save Yourself from Burnout: A System to Get Your Life Back will be released in October and is available for preorder here. (I’m especially proud of my cover design.)

Sales tool

Speaking of preordering, Penny Sansevieri of Author Marketing Experts discusses preorders in this article “Use This Amazon Tool to Boost Your Book Sales.” She also has a book entitled 5-Minute Book Marketing for Authors.

For fun

I hope you’re having a fun summer. My reaction to these two pieces was wow, so I thought I’d share them with you. Enjoy!

Crystallized books.

Photos showing the making of the New York Times in 1942.

Help for Independent Presses

Book Design and Production

Have you written a nonfiction or fiction manuscript? After it has been professionally edited, I can design the interior pages and cover, plus guide you through the maze of book publishing and printing. To get started, call me at 503-690-2438 to discuss your project and my helpful guide for authors.