Book publishing, preorders, and new releases

Book publishing

There’s a learning curve in book publishing. My decade of experience focusing on book design and publishing helps me advise my clients.

For example, I recently ordered a book cover template from IngramSpark without the price encoded in the bar code. This allows the author to more easily change the price at a later date. (For this reason, Amazon CreateSpace doesn’t even offer encoding the price in the bar code anymore.) It is my understanding that bookstores place their own bar code stickers over those preprinted on books (and I’ve heard bookstores won’t order from CreateSpace, which is one reason some authors choose IngramSpark for book printing and distribution).


Of course there’s always more to learn in any field and change is inevitable. Fortunately, publishing is evolving to benefit authors self publishing. While my focus is book design, marketing is crucial to success. Here’s an article entitled “Should You Make a Book Available for Preorder? 14 Authors Weigh In” by Carlyn Robertson.

New releases

Professional writer Maureen Driscoll launched the second book in her Jasmine Cottage series: Where Dreams Merge. (I designed the cover.)

Fred Grooms released another book for young adults: Leaders Marching Forward. (I designed and formatted the interior pages.)

Help for Independent Presses

Book Design and Production

Have you written a nonfiction or fiction manuscript? After it has been professionally edited, I can design the interior pages and cover, plus guide you through the maze of book publishing and printing. To get started, call me at 503-690-2438 to discuss your project and my helpful guide for authors.