Does your book need an index?

Book index award

We often flip to the back of a book and consult the index when we need to find something. Otherwise, I imagine we don’t spend too much time thinking about book indexes.

Sheila Ryan, owner of Ryan Indexing, has made a career out of creating book indexes. Earlier this year she won the 2019 American Society for Indexing Excellence Award for her index of The Churchill Documents, Volume 21, The Shadows of Victory, January–July 1945. It’s a 100-page index of a 2150-page book (I know because I formatted the text).

Congratulations, Sheila!

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The Publishers Association of the West (PubWest) is an excellent resource for publishers. The PubWest 2020 Conference will be held February 20–22, 2020 at the Portland Hilton, Portland, Oregon.

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